There are no rest days…right?

A bear. After Fran.


This saying can be taking to the extreme.  Wodding for an hour or 2 every single day.  Not good.

This post will look at a few suggestions I have had on what to do on your rest day.  Options include:

  • Swimming
  • Breathing Exercises
  • 100 Turkish Get ups
  • Running

The positives and negatives:



Low impact conditioning on a rest day can be beneficial to grease up the body in a low gravity environment.  This allows your body to loosen up and hit ranges of motion not normally experienced on a rest day without many destructive forces.


If your technique is poor  it is still possible to obtain an overuse injury.  Also, since still is a type of training, there is a possibility that your body wont fully recover anyway.


There are some breathing apparatuses (apparati?) out there which help promote lung function.  I haven’t tried it yet but Steve says it has really helped him.  Don’t go too hard and pass out…My experience of this is limited, so post to comments if you have any further insight..

100 Turkish Get Ups (TGU)

The TGU is a great exercise to get your whole body moving through a range of motion with resistance.  When done right, TGUs build tremendous stability and aid in shoulder and hip function.  However, it is a moderately difficult exercise so make sure it is done right if you are using it as a recovery exercise.


Different movement, same story.  You have to be able to run correctly to reap the benefits of using it as a recovery tool.


Getting the body moving and warming up all those sliding surfaces.


Repetitive impact is more prominent than in the other 3 exercises.  Benefits of running are more psychological for me than anything else.  Whether it is a morning run on South Beach or a dreary 5k through the Borough of Islington, my mind feels better afterwards, not so much my ankles.

The Rest Day Conclusion.

Overall, rest days should focus on resting.  If you can add benefits to resting by implementing any of these exercises, go ahead and give it a try.  Keep in mind, that the more workload you do during the week, the more important it is to take part in a full rest day.

For further reading take a look at Blair Morrison’s approach to rest days here.



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